When it comes to auto accidents, they are some of the most common producers of injury out there. Car accidents are something that happen quickly, and have force. There are many different injuries you can suffer from a car accident, so it is imperative you always seek medical attention after your auto mishap.
At Georgetown Clinics in Atlanta, we want to always give you the most effective car accident care. We can diagnose your symptoms and come up with a treatment plan to help sustain your health and wellness.
Whiplash is generally the most common type of injury when it comes to an auto accident, but there are many other injuries to be aware of.

Other injuries that require car accident care:

Head Injuries

If you get into a severe enough auto accident, you may have a head injury. A closed head injury is the most common, which means there is no breaking of the skin and injury is internal, making it harder to diagnose. The head injury can be anything from a mild concussion to an internal brain bleed. Car accidents cause your body to go through blunt trauma,which can jostle your brain inside your skull, which can cause many problems. If you believe you may have a severe head injury, a trauma unit is going to be the best place for you.

Back Injuries

The impact from the crash can also bring on different types of back injuries. Most common are sprains or strain. This is caused because of your body jerking so quickly back and forth. Other, more severe, back injuries are:

  • Fracture
  • Disc Injury
  • Thoracic spine injury
  • Lumbar radiculopathy
  • Lumbar Spine Injury

You have to be aware because, similar to whiplash, these symptoms can set in days later. Back injuries can cause much discomfort and our car accident care can help with long term treatment using Chiropractic techniques.

Face Injuries

When you are in a car accident, sometimes the force causes you to hit the steering wheel, dashboard, or even the airbag. You may also be injured by glass breaking. Face injuries can be as simple as a few scrapes and scratches or as serious as a facial fracture.

Psychological Trauma

When we think of car accidents, we mostly focus on the physical injuries that are associated with the impact. However, many people suffer from other kinds of emotional injuries such as:

  • Emotional distress
  • PTSD
  • Depression

Some people develop an extreme phobia of driving after an accident. At our wellness center, we can help you cope with the trauma of your injury by focusing on all aspects of your being in our car accident care.
When it comes to being in an accident, you need to visit Georgetown Clinics in Atlanta to get the most complete and efficient car accident car. We have passionate medical professionals that want to get you back to your most healthy state using our wellness techniques. Don’t let yourself suffer when you get the care you need after your accident. Come see us in Atlanta or contact our health and wellness center today!