If you suffer from frequent headaches, or worse, migraines, you know how terrible they can be. You know about the hours spent alone in a dark room, hoping that the ache will ease or go away. From a dull throb to blinding pain, sometimes it can become so bad that you’re unable to function.

Adding insult to injury, recurring headaches and migraines can cause problems with your career, impact the interaction with family and friends, and even have an effect on your mental health. So why do recurring headaches happen, and what can be done to treat them?

At Georgetown Clinics, there’s a good chance that we know what your problem is and why it’s happening. Odds are, you’re suffering from a spinal misalignment, and we can help. Spinal misalignments usually occur during routine activities. Also known as subluxations or joint dysfunctions, this condition creates interference with the transmission of nerve communication throughout the spine and extremities. But by undergoing a spinal adjustment, we’ll be able to reduce the pain and help you feel like yourself again.

During a typical appointment, we utilize manual adjustment techniques which are delivered through the gentle application of targeted motions. As a result, the alignment of your spinal column will be adjusted, your extremities will achieve greater range of motion, and you’ll feel better. We’re the premier personal injury doctors in the area, because our primary focus is helping our patients achieve improved health and quality of life. Contact us today, so we can help you.