For most Americans, we experience some kind of Auto Accident sometime or another in

our lifetime. Hopefully, it isn’t something serious and it can be managed without expensive

medical care. However, for many people, even small injuries can become long-term problems

that create havoc on a person’s overall health. What may have been a mild fender bender could

have resulted in some long-term neck pain or back pain. Then there are more serious accidents

that create hurdles along the road to a full recovery. Whatever the level or the accident,

Georgetown Medical is ready to meet your needs. We’ve been serving the Atlanta area for a long

time and have seen thousands of auto accident patients. Here are a few of the most common

injuries we see when treating auto accident patients:

1) Neck Pain/Whiplash

One of the most common and frustrating auto accident injuries is trauma to the muscles and discs

in the neck. This can happen in just about every type of auto accident, but it is most common in

accidents involving the individual being hit from behind. The weight of the head causes a

pendulum motion when significant momentum is involved, created undue stress of the muscles.

This can result in intense pain for days, weeks, or even months. Leaving untreated could result in

the need for surgical treatment. Often, if you experience whiplash or neck pain, you may be

eligible for an injury claim settlement.

2) Back Pain

Similar to neck pain or whiplash, back pain can occur when significant momentum contorts to

spine or muscles in the back in a way that causes strain and injury. It can affect the individual’s

range of motion, functionality at work and home, and overall health. If the accident is serious

enough, the pain can be the result of injury to the spinal discs, which can require surgical

treatment if left untreated.

3) Chest Injury

During an accident, often times the driver can be lunged forward into the steering wheel, causing

scrapes, burns, or sometimes rib injuries. While ribs heal, often chiropractic care is needed to

help the muscles in the core to stay healthy and tension-free. If you go through the healing

process without taking care of your spine and the muscles around it, you may experience trigger

points of tension which can be just as painful as a broken rib.

Georgetown Medical is ready to meet your Auto Accident injury needs! Don’t hesitate to call us

today to set up your free consultation!