Now that the holidays have come and gone, we shift our focus on the new year, and ultimately, the new you. You may have created some New Year’s resolutions for 2017 and one of them very well may be getting in shape and retaining a healthier lifestyle. Sometimes, this task may seem intimidating alone. Well, with Georgetown Clinics in Atlanta, you are not alone.

Georgetown Clinics is the place to go if you have been struggling with weight issues for some time. Our program is tailored for each individual and we will create a well-rounded and efficient medical weight loss plan for you so you can succeed at becoming healthier and happier. Medical weight loss is not some diet plan or fad you will outgrow, our plan is to help change your entire lifestyle.

Check out all the benefits of our medical weight loss service.

Medical Team

Our medical staff will be monitoring your progress every step of the way. This helps keep you accountable and aware of your progress. Our team is passionate and caring when it comes to helping you achieve your medical weight loss goals. Our healthcare professionals can also assess conditions you may have that have prevented weight loss success in the past.


Because the internet is so accessible these days, many of us believe we can find all the answers within the web. However, there are so many different opinions out there; how do you decide which one is correct?

With our medical weight loss program, you don’t have to make these tough decisions. Our health care team will carefully map out what needs to change within your lifestyle for you. You may have believed that a great diet and exercise is all it takes, but that’s not always the case. We can educate you about the different aids we use within our program, such as B12 and B12 lipo super shot injections, and appetite suppressants. Also, it’s not about a diet, it’s about changing your eating habits as a whole. We can also help you look at food in a whole new light as well. Getting the proper education about your body and your weight is why medical weight loss is so successful.


With so many different diet and exercise programs available, it’s hard to know into which one you should dive. It can become extremely frustrating when you keep trying different programs and they just don’t seem to fit your lifestyle and your overall goals. Participating in medical weight loss eliminates this frustration. Our program is always created for the individual person, so you never have to feel that you don’t belong. We come up with different exercises and a whole nutrition plan to help you stay on track and get the body and healthy lifestyle you have always deserved.


One of the hardest things to do is complete a task without a stable support system; trying to become more healthy and change your lifestyle is no different. Our medical team will back you every step of the way because the way we view our success is through your success. We want you to feel confident, healthy, and a sense of overall wellness. We are aware that change is difficult, especially when it comes to the way you view and consume food. Our team is here to educate and cheer on your medical weight loss achievements.

Start the new year with a great attitude and a healthier lifestyle by visiting us in Atlanta. At Georgetown Clinics, our healthcare team is professional, kind, and passionate about turning your life in the right direction. Learn more about our medical weight loss and schedule your consultation with our healthcare professionals today!