If you have been keeping up with our latest blog, we have been diving into the reasons you may be gaining weight or suffering from obesity. Genetics, junk food, and addiction to said junk food are all culprits we have already covered. There is much more to weight than most realize and that is why with our medical weight loss in Atlanta we always try to help you understand why we do what we do. Our medical weight loss program is advanced because it incorporates everything you need to successfully lose the weight.

At Georgetown Clinics, our medical weight loss team is well versed in not only how to assist you in losing unwanted weight, but also how you may have gotten to this point. Our program includes a nutrition plan, exercise plan, and appetite suppressants if you so desire. Our team is here to help you feel as good on the outside as you do on the inside.

In our last blog, we were going over reasons you may have gained weight or why you may be suffering from obesity. In this post, we are going to go over even more reasons you may need to know and understand.


While in our last post we touched on junk food as a whole, this is thinking of the mastermind behind the whole operation. Junk food companies know how to market and advertise well, this is fact. However, because they are so good at what they do, that’s why you feel yourself longing for a bag of chips and a can of Coke®. The most dangerous aspect of these junk food companies is that a lot of advertisements are geared towards children. Help yourself and your kids by not falling prey to these ads and going for healthy food alternatives that you can learn to love.

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Insulin is a term you hear often if you suffer from diabetes, However, it is important to know that insulin affects all types of individuals. Insulin is a hormone within the body that assists in regulating your energy storage and where to store fat cells. When you have a diet like most other Americans, especially in the south, the food you consume causes your insulin levels to rise. When your insulin is at a higher level, this causes your energy to get stored in your fat cells instead of being available for use. When you choose medical weight loss, one thing we may suggest is to cut back on carbohydrates, as these are not only high in calories but cause our insulin to increase.


Another important hormone within the body is Leptin. Leptin is created by fat cells and sends a signal to a certain part of the brain, the hypothalamus, and tells it that you’re full and you should stop eating. Within an obese person, the leptin hormone is not working as it should. The brain becomes immune to its signal and builds up a natural resistance to the leptin, causing you to over eat quite often.

Accessibility to Food

A major factor in weight gain for you and many others is the fact that bad food is everywhere we turn, more than ever before. Additionally, junk food, yah know the bad stuff, is a much less expensive option to consume than healthy foods. This causes families and individuals who don’t have much money to keep fulfilling in this damaging diet.

While this may conclude our blog series on why you may be suffering from weight gain and obesity, isn’t it time you do something about it? Call Georgetown Clinics in Atlanta today to change your outlook on life. Enjoy nutritious food, great exercise, and a body you will love.