In our last blog, we learned why opioids are so severe on the drug spectrum and how we at Georgetown Clinics can help you break the awful addiction. Opioids directly affect receptors in your brain causing you to stop producing your own endorphins. Alone, this is terrible in itself; however, opioid addiction leads to a lot more than just the addiction part. There are disorders that the addiction can bring.

We at Georgetown Clinics want you to know how much we want to help you or a loved one suffering from an addiction. No one should go through this pain and suffering alone. We also want you to be informed about another disorder associated with opioid dependence: Depression.

How Long Does It Take?

Unfortunately, the addiction of opioids begins quickly and is very hard to break. After at least ninety days, the body is more susceptible to develop depression. The longer you take the opioids, the higher the risk of developing depression.


Some believe people develop depression because of the effect the opioids take to your brain. The regions of reward and pleasure are manipulated, and in men, this causes lower testosterone levels.

The vicious circle

Because opioids may cause depression, this increases the misuse of the medication. Which then it turn creates this vicious cycle that is so hard to break. People on opioids want to relieve pain, they also don’t want to be sad or depressed, so they up their dosage and increase their using, which causes their depression to increase.

We at Georgetown Clinics in Woodstock believe our wellness center is the place for you to finally be free from this wicked addiction. We use methods to help with all things related to the effect of opioids such as: Depression, physical withdrawal, and mental instability. We want to encourage you while treating you. We use holistic methods with some added help with withdrawal medication.

If you are suffering from an opioid addiction please call our wellness center in Woodstock, we are here to help.